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Celebrating 100 years in 2016LATEST CENTENARY NEWS
On Saturday 6th August 2016 there are plans for some fete celebrations in the school grounds followed by an Art Show in the evening. On Sunday 7th August there will be a Mass followed by some more family fun activities.

One of the main projects for the Centenary is a mosaic featuring Saint Mary of the Cross Mackillop, which will be placed on the front of St Stephen’s School. The mosaic will consist of small tiles from Venice and has been designed by Alain Colfs, a Belgium National residing near Warwick. Alain also designed the St Francis De Sales Mosaic on the Catholic Church in Millmerran.


As part of the 100th Anniversary celebrations St Joseph’s/St Stephen’s Pittsworth will be having a memorabilia display and would like to commence collecting items of interest. If you have relatives or friends who attended St Joseph’s/St Stephen’s please ask if they have any photos, uniforms, trophies, books etc we could borrow for a short time and use in our display.

Every past student, teacher, parent or parishioner has a story to tell of our beloved school; therefore we are keen to hear stories and save those memories for future reference. We are asking for people to put pen to paper and send us your memories and insights about special times at St Joseph’s/St Stephen’s.

The school has such a tremendous history so our 2016 Committee are keen to establish a vault of historical memorabilia for safe keeping. We would be happy to scan or copy any precious photos for safe return. See details below if you can assist.

Is there a Parent among you who……….

  • Would have gone to St Joseph’s/St Stephen’s for their Primary Schooling?
  • Did you have a sibling or a parent/Aunt/Uncle attend St Joseph’s / St Stephen’s for their Primary Schooling?

If you nodded your head in response to either of those queries, then....... We would really like to Spotlight your Family Grouping in our school’s 100th Anniversary Hall of Fame!

We are collecting school photos or scans of photos for a display. Part of this display will be focusing on ‘Multi generation’ attendees at St Joseph’s/St Stephen’s ie more than one generation of a family who’ve attended the school.    Within the overall display, we hope to make a specific display focusing on the Multi generation families, with a separate display for each family. We are looking for School photos of both the present attending students, plus those of the parent/grandparent/aunt etc.  Individual photos would be great, also Class Photos. To complete the picture, please include a current group photo of the family members who attended St Joseph’s/St Stephen’s Pittsworth –  Subject: St Joseph’s/St Stephen’s Portrait!

Simply scan your photos, and email them to Pittsworth@twb.catholic.edu.au, including in your email the names and dates. Or drop your hard copies into Kate in the School Office. We will scan them and return your photos to you. Please remember to write your name and contact number on the back of ALL hard copies to facilitate their safe return!!!


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