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27th March
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2nd April

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3rd April

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For over 100 years, St Stephen’s has been proudly serving the community of Pittsworth and surrounding areas. We strive to be a community in which gospel values permeate the daily life of the school.  

In 2018 St Stephen’s consists of 141 students, in six classrooms. All members of our staff quickly get to know all children and families. Our shared vision for the students of St Stephen’s is for each person to be highly literate, numerate, open to and excited by the prospect of learning, healthy, well-rounded individuals who are good citizens.

Specialist programs are Physical Education, LOTE (Indonesian) and Music, including school choir, and private music lessons.

Parents and community members work within our school classrooms and enjoy interacting with students and staff. Our volunteers gain particular satisfaction and a sense of fulfilment from assisting a child to master something new. Families are encouraged to participate in the School Pastoral Board and the School Parents and Friends and its committees in order to develop and extend the programs the school can offer and its facilities. All parents are welcome to attend Parents and Friends meetings.

                    St Stephen’s – We strive for success.  Celebrate our Spirit.



Community News

I thank you for your understanding, vigilance and patience as we navigate the ever-changing landscape this year has been. As we continue to respond to government information as well as expert advice, our planning for a range of contingencies are progressing to ensure the well being of our staff, students and parents and the learning opportunities for students remain our top priority. Teaching staff will spend the pupil free day on Friday to finalise how student learning can continue in a variety of different conditions.

The announcement by the Prime Minister that schools will remain open means that staff will continue as normal at this time. Parents who are choosing to keep children at home for the remainder of Term One are responsible for their supervision.

While there are many factors beyond our immediate control, individually we can take steps to protect and enhance our mental health and wellbeing. Managing our stress levels, maintaining positive social interactions and asking for help when needed are all helpful actions to support our wellbeing. Each of us practices self-care in a way that works for us. It might include maintaining a healthy lifestyle by eating well, monitoring alcohol use, and getting enough sleep and exercise. Other strategies which you might find helpful in managing stress are:

  • Monitor your stress levels – recognise your own signs of stress and identify situations you find difficult, so you can be proactive about managing stress during these times.
  • Learn how to manage stress in positive ways – such as through exercise, relaxation, breathing, yoga, positive self-talk.
  • Be aware of your thinking habits – challenge negative or unhelpful thoughts.
  • Schedule ‘time out’ for yourself – pursue your hobbies or interests.
  • Connect – foster and maintain your personal relationships. A sense of belonging and connection is important for your wellbeing.
  • Relax – learn and use breathing techniques, progressive relaxation, visualisations or meditation to consciously relax your mind and body. Practice mindfulness by focusing your awareness on the present moment.
  • Be mindful and self-aware – focus on how you are feeling and how you act, and the impact that can have on your colleagues and your students. Be supportive of others without passing judgement.
  • Consider making specific times or days of the week for activities which support your wellbeing, so they become routine and are less likely to drop off at times of increased work demands or other competing priorities.

We are now taking enrolment applications for 2021. Please have a look at the enrolments section of this website for further information regarding our enrolment process or come into the office to receive an enrolment pack.

Thank you for supporting the Year 5 Zooper Dooper Fundraiser

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