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2nd March
Year 3 Mass 9am

3rd March

Year 6 Celebration 2.30pm
DD Swim Trials

5th March

Prep - Year 2 Pittsworth Show Excursion

5th/6th March

Pittsworth Show

8th March

School Photos

9th March

Year 2 Mass 9am

10th March

Inner Downs Basketball Trials
Year 2 Celebration 2.30pm

15th March

Inner Downs Netball Trials

16th March

Year 1 Mass 9am

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Welcome to our website.....

For over 100 years, St Stephen’s has been proudly serving the community of Pittsworth and surrounding areas. We strive to be a community in which gospel values permeate the daily life of the school.  

In 2020 St Stephen’s consists of 154 students, in seven classrooms. All members of our staff quickly get to know all children and families. Our shared vision for the students of St Stephen’s is for each person to be highly literate, numerate, open to and excited by the prospect of learning, healthy, well-rounded individuals who are good citizens.

Specialist programs are Physical Education, LOTE (Indonesian) and Music, including school choir, and private music lessons.

Parents and community members work within our school classrooms and enjoy interacting with students and staff. Our volunteers gain particular satisfaction and a sense of fulfilment from assisting a child to master something new. Families are encouraged to participate in the School Pastoral Board and the School Parents and Friends and its committees in order to develop and extend the programs the school can offer and its facilities. All parents are welcome to attend Parents and Friends meetings.

                    St Stephen’s – We strive for success.  Celebrate our Spirit.


Community News

Last week we began the very important season of Lent with an Ash Wednesday Liturgy for Prep – Year 2 and mass for Year 3 -6 students. Lent is a period of forty days leading up to Easter. It is a time for prayer and reflection on the way we live our lives, and the way God wants us to live our lives. It is a message we remind our students all of the year. Traditionally it is a time where we might ‘give something up’. This year we are also challenging our students to ‘Be More’. Each classroom has a Lenten Tree for teachers to write on leaves when a student has lived up to the challenge of ‘Be More’. A kind, generous or compassionate action to another person; just as Jesus taught us. We look forward to seeing our trees full of leaves by the end of the term!

During Lent, we try to live prayerfully, simply and generously so that our relationship with God deepens. This is also a time to donate to Project Compassion, coordinated by a Catholic organisation called Caritas who help people around the world who are less fortunate than us. This year, the MacKillop Club will be running an Easter Raffle to raise money for Caritas. We are asking families to donate Easter items for the raffle prizes. This can include chocolates, baskets, stickers etc. Tickets will begin to be sold in Week 7 and they will be $1 each. The raffle will be drawn in the last week of term.

Thank you to the teachers and Year 6 students for a fun afternoon at the Pancake Toss! It was so great to have every Year 6 student bring a pan and a pancake so they could participate. Congratulations to the winners, Mrs Norman and Thomas!

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