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Important Dates
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11th September
Mary MacKillop Prayer Celebration 2.30pm

13th September

Gala Sports - Netball / Cricket TBC
Year 3 Lodge Mass

15th September

St Stephen's Church
110 Year Jubilee Mass 8.30am

17th September
Year 5 Mass - Church

17th/18th September
Parent Teacher Interviews

19th September
End of Term 3

20th September
Pupil Free Day

8th October

Tern 4 begins

20th October

Family Mass

31st October

Crazy Socks Day

1st November

All Saints Day Whole School Mass

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Welcome to our website.....

For over 100 years, St Stephen’s has been proudly serving the community of Pittsworth and surrounding areas. We strive to be a community in which gospel values permeate the daily life of the school.  

In 2018 St Stephen’s consists of 141 students, in six classrooms. All members of our staff quickly get to know all children and families. Our shared vision for the students of St Stephen’s is for each person to be highly literate, numerate, open to and excited by the prospect of learning, healthy, well-rounded individuals who are good citizens.

Specialist programs are Physical Education, LOTE (Indonesian) and Music, including school choir, and private music lessons.

Parents and community members work within our school classrooms and enjoy interacting with students and staff. Our volunteers gain particular satisfaction and a sense of fulfilment from assisting a child to master something new. Families are encouraged to participate in the School Pastoral Board and the School Parents and Friends and its committees in order to develop and extend the programs the school can offer and its facilities. All parents are welcome to attend Parents and Friends meetings.

                    St Stephen’s – We strive for success.  Celebrate our Spirit.


Community News

This term, we welcomed Mrs Jennifer Fenn to the St Stephen’s community as our new Guidance Counsellor. Jennifer has made a seamless transition in this role and has established a great rapport with students. I encourage you to read Jennifer’s introduction in our latest newsletter as she explains her role within the school and how she supports our students, families and staff. She will also be providing articles in each newsletter that may be of interest to families.

Students require written referral to access guidance and counselling services at school. Forms are available from your child’s Class Teacher, Deanne (Learning Support Teacher), Jennifer or myself via email request. Most often referrals are made through the Student Support Team at the school, parent consent is always requested before any counselling or intervention occurs. Should you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

NAPLAN reports were sent home this week to Year 3 and 5 students. As a school and diocese, we do use this information, alongside our reporting results, formative assessment items and informal assessments, to inform our planning and teaching for students and classes. NAPLAN does not provide a complete picture of a child’s learning and/or needs at a point in time, but it is of value as one part of a child’s learning profile and supports our repertoire of tools to review and refine teaching and learning for your child. This term we will be holding School Readiness Training for our Year 2 and 4 students to ensure we are prepared for NAPLAN online. This will involve the students completing a sample of the Reading, Writing, Numeracy and Language Conventions test questions.

Parent Teacher Interviews will be held in Week 10. If you have not made an appointment to meet with your class teacher, please contact the office for available times.

It is hard to believe that the end of term is fast creeping up! Please remember that the last day of term is Thursday 19th September.

Bravehearts’ White Balloon Day was celebrated last week to raise awareness to help PROTECT KIDS. St Stephen’s School was a sea of white. Thank you for helping our community raise awareness of child safety. Protecting kids is everyone’s job!!

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