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9th March
Lodge Mass - cancelled

13th March

Mass Year 2 9am
School Celebration
(Tuesday not Wednesday)
2.30pm MacKillop Hall

19th March

St Saviours College Talk

20th March

"Australia With One Heart" 2pm
Mass - Year 1 9am

21st March

School Photos
School Celebration - Harmony Day 2.30pm

23rd March
School Cross Country

29th March

Holy Week celebration
Last day of Term 1

16th April

Pupil Free Day
due to Commonwealth Games

17th April

Term 2 commences

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For over 100 years, St Stephen’s has been proudly serving the community of Pittsworth and surrounding areas. We strive to be a community in which gospel values permeate the daily life of the school.  

In 2017 St Stephen’s consists of 143 students, in seven classrooms. All members of our staff quickly get to know all children and families. Our shared vision for the students of St Stephen’s is for each person to be highly literate, numerate, open to and excited by the prospect of learning, healthy, well-rounded individuals who are good citizens.

Specialist programs are Physical Education, LOTE (Indonesian) and Music, including school choir, and private music lessons.

Parents and community members work within our school classrooms and enjoy interacting with students and staff. Our volunteers gain particular satisfaction and a sense of fulfilment from assisting a child to master something new. Families are encouraged to participate in the School Pastoral Board and the School Parents and Friends and its committees in order to develop and extend the programs the school can offer and its facilities. All parents are welcome to attend Parents and Friends meetings.

                    St Stephen’s – We strive for success.  Celebrate our Spirit.


Community News 

Last week, Kylie Bach and myself spent two full days observing the teaching of writing traits to students in our school. On the first day we were lucky enough to observe Mr C modelling for the students how a great writer thinks and how they construct a piece of writing. On the second day, our brave teachers took the reins and again modelled for the students how to construct a piece of writing by using a variety of powerful strategies such as ‘think-a-louds’. Think-a-louds is a strategy where the teacher talks about the thought processes going on inside their heads when you they are constructing a piece of writing.

These two days were amazing for several reasons, however I will list just a few of the pow-erful moments that I witnessed in our classrooms. Firstly, the openness and excitement of both teachers and students as they worked together on their learning intention for the les-son. In every room, I sat proudly at the front of the classroom, so I could watch the expres-sions on the children’s faces and listen to their answers to teacher questions. There was a very high level of student engagement! The students were excited to have visitors (as always) in their classrooms and share the learning.

I spoke with many parents during the week and found out the children were going home talking with their parents about the wonderful work they had done with Mr C and their teachers. Each teacher had a different gift and ‘edge’ to bring to their teaching. Secondly, the collaboration that happens between teachers as they talked about their lessons and the strategies that they are employing to improve the quality of the writing in our school.
God Bless our teachers and God Bless our Students.

At this stage of the term, we can start to get weary and days like those give us all an energiz-ing boost. Similarly, I was lucky enough to entertain 30 young pupils at my inaugural “Principal’s Morning Tea” last Friday. I asked teachers to send me the names of the students in their classes who were consistently consistent in striving for success in all they do. At morning tea, we “Celebrated our Spirit”. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is moments like these that make me remember why I chose teaching as a career.

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